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HealthiNation is a leading, independent producer of health videos that help you take control of your health. We are a group of medical professionals, television producers, internet gurus, soccer coaches, sports fans, and musicians. Really, we’re people just like you. We all want to be healthier, but know it’s hard to get good clear information. We want to know how our bodies work, so we can understand how we can keep it working better longer. We want to make the best use of our visits to the doctor. We want to know how to take care of problems early if we can.

So our approach is simple. We produce short, topical video programs about your health, and get that to you wherever you’re most comfortable -- online or on TV. Our videos are designed to give you the latest information from top health experts, with great visual aids like 3D animation sequences that show you how things really work inside your body. We also think everyone has a helpful story to share, so you’ll find true life experiences to help you learn from others.

We hope you enjoy the videos we’ve created for you. You can find them here at and on many of the highest quality web sites across the web. You can find us on TV, through leading cable TV companies and you may even find us at your work.

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Steve Rowen says: 2009-01-24 19:27:23
This is a great site with high quality video on many health related topics...Very informative!

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