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Mind Evolve Software Introduces Mind Sparke Brain Fitness Pro
Revolutionary Brain-Training Software Increases General Problem-Solving Ability by More than 40 Percent in Less than 20 Days
NEW YORK, NY, September 23, 2008 - Mind Evolve Software, a leading publisher of brain-training software, today announced the launch of Mind Sparke Brain Fitness Pro. This new consumer software is the most sophisticated brain-training application on the market and employs the only training method scientifically proven* to make users smarter.

Working-memory and fluid intelligence compete for brain power; by training and strengthening a user's working-memory Brain Fitness Pro increases the processing power available to solve problems. The software progressively taxes the brain, pushing the user to remember and process visual and auditory information under time pressure. This novel approach increases intelligence, reverses the adverse effects of aging, boosts test scores, and improves job performance.

"We're on the cusp of a new era in brain fitness," said Martin Walker, Founder and CEO of Mind Evolve Software. "It's always been assumed that we were stuck with the brain-power we're born with; but with Brain Fitness Pro people can improve their raw ability to think. It's a big step forward."

Mind Sparke Brain Fitness Pro is based on research results from a new study* by a team from the Universities of Michigan and Bern, Switzerland. The team showed that the training increases raw problem-solving ability by more than 40 percent in less than 20 days with just 30 minutes of daily training.

While scientists had generally believed that fluid intelligence was innate and could not be taught, this new study proves otherwise. Research at the University of York has also identified working-memory capacity as a key predictor of academic performance from as early as four years old, making Brain Fitness Pro a doubly-powerful training tool.

"The boomers want to stay brain-fit, school applicants want to perform their best on tests, employees want to gain recognition, get promoted, and people like me want to have a shot at finishing the Saturday crossword puzzle. This is a very practical tool," added Walker.

Unlike other brain-training products on the market, the software isn't designed as a game; the user feels his mind being taxed but quickly experiences the pleasure and satisfaction of improved mental agility as the training proceeds.

The software's features include:

A dual-mode (visual and aural) training mechanism to strengthen multi-tasking skills
Progressive difficulty settings to automatically adjust from basic to advanced training use in real time
Unlimited training sessions
Full personal training-history with chart

With no need to connect to the Internet to train and no limit to the number of training sessions the software is perfect for use at home and on the go; it also allows people to avoid the recurring payments charged by subscription-based training services.

Price and Availability

Mind Sparke Brain Fitness Pro is available now via electronic download or CD from the product Web site at www.mindsparke.com for just $46.95 (software download) or $56.95 (CD).

About Mind Evolve Software

Founded on the premise that the human mind can change and grow, Mind Evolve Software is committed to the development of tools to foster and support that growth.

For more information on the company, please visit the Mind Evolve Web site at www.mindevolvesoftware.com.
Martin Walker says: 2009-02-12 13:59:07
We now have several hundred very happy customers around the world. And positive reviews of Brain Fitness Pro are starting to accumulate.

If anyone has any questions about the program, I can be reached through the About page on www.mindsparke.com


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