PositScience Brain Fitness Program
Posit Science programs take a novel, non-invasive approach to improving cognitive function in adults. Our programs engage the brain’s neuroplasticity to target the root causes of changes in brain function that occur with age, rather than teaching how to compensate for those changes or drilling memory. This approach enables our programs to make widespread, “generalized” improvements in brain function.

More about our program design:

Targeting Root Problems
SAAGE™ Design Protocol
Exercise Descriptions and Goals
Recommended Schedules
The Benefits of Using More Than One Program
Scientific Validation
Targeting Root Problems
As the brain grows older, it gradually loses speed, accuracy and recording strength for processing information from the senses. This results in a progressive loss of memory and other cognitive abilities. Our global team of scientists has designed our programs to:

Speed up brain function
In every program exercise, the sensory stimuli (sounds or visual information) begin at a slower pace and gradually speed up with the aim of retraining the brain to process information at high speeds.
Improve accuracy
Our programs incorporate patented technology that algorithmically processes and adjusts the stimuli based on user responses with the goal of helping the brain refine its accuracy.
Strengthen recording
Several program elements are specifically designed to exercise the brain machinery that accounts for recording strength.
The Brain Fitness Program focuses on these objectives for the auditory system (processing sound), while InSight does this for the visual system (processing visual information). Read more about our our roots up approach.
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